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Sherry Antonishen - CPDT

Sherry is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer with a degree from McGill University and certification from the San Francisco SPCA (often referred to as the Harvard of dog training). Since 2004 Sherry and her staff at Smart Dog Training have been working to improve the lives of dogs and their owners through non-harming science based training and behaviour modification methods. That may sound a bit dry but it's very effective and we spice it up with real life! Smart Dog specializes in foundation training for puppies or older rescues and urban dog enrichment. We have an excellent track record helping puppies and shy dogs be braver, helping impulsive dogs achieve self control, and giving owners the tools to train as professionals would, all in a respectful, fun, yet challenging environment. Our staff have acquired expertise both in teaching dogs and in coaching people. No question is too silly, no puppy too zoomy, no rescue too rowdy! Over the years we have added to our basic training curriculum for one reason: the dogs themselves! Most dogs living in the city are direct descendants of working dogs (yes even a lot of the wee ones) and would love to have a job, even for 10 minutes a day. Our busy modern lives are using dogs less and less for the original reasons they were bred (to retrieve, to herd, to hunt, to guard....) which has left the majority unemployed for most of the day and quite frankly bored. Playing fetch is good exercise but treiball, agility, and tricks also stimulate their brains and feed their souls. Owning a dog who could get the newspaper off the front step isn't so bad either. Social skills, boundary setting and motivation are the cornerstones every Smart Dog owner can master. Learn to be the leader any dog would love to have! Visit my Blog>>