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posted by Long Way Home Small Dog Rescue
This little guy is super sweet and friendly. His tail is always wagging and loves people and other dogs. Loves to cuddle with people but doesn't have separation anxiety and isn't a barker.   As you can see from his before picture, he was extremely matted, so had to be shaved, but his fur will grow back in no time.  He has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and deflead. His adoption fee is 400.
posted by Mex-Can
Cisco is a super friendly and still very much a puppy. He will require an active and attentive home that can give him his required exercise and basic training. Cisco has been in rescue for several months and has lived with many other dogs since. He is playful and goofy. Cisco may not suit a home with very small children due to his rambunctiousness and his behaviour around cats is unknown. This cute boy is arriving in Victoria on September 4th.
posted by VACS
Selina was dumpster diving on the mean streets of Victoria when she ended up being bitten in the face by another animal. The bite was so bad that the vet had to fish out a piece of Selina's skull! Thankfully this girl is one tough cookie and the wound has healed well. Selina is now healthy and ready to be adopted! She is confident and very talkative. After fending for herself for who knows how long, Selina loves demanding that breakfast be handed to her each morning!
posted by VACS
Little Shelby only weighs about 5lbs fully grown. She also has a tiny faint little meow... but her personality is not so small! She loves attention from visitors. She gets along well with the other cats, but is definitely a little spunky. Shelby has also been known to spend time chasing toys around. Shelby is missing most of her teeth so she needs to be on a soft food only diet.
posted by CERA Dog Society
Dong Dong was a stray rescued just seconds before being hit by a car.  He’s an active puppy who loves to chew so bones and toys are a must and he has the mouthing behaviour that needs correction.  He loves to play with other dogs and would bark at them if th
posted by CERA Dog Society
Lisha is a super sweet, cuddly, and happy dog.  Lisha is doing very well in her foster home and enjoying the company of a little boy and all the other dogs.   Lisha loves people, is great with dogs and even cats, and very gentle with young children.  
posted by Dog Bless
For further information and details about the adoption process and status of this specific dog, please visit the Dog Bless Rescue Partners website at
posted by VACS
Friendly Meeka is new to the adoption room. She is confident and social.
posted by Mex-Can
Blanquita is looking for a low to moderately active home. She would enjoy daily on leash walks at first and possibly leading up to off leash or at the dog park. Blanquita was rescued from the grounds of a government building in Mexico and under threat of being destroyed. We stepped in and took her to the shelter, had her spayed, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas.  She is ready for travel on September 4th. Blanquita is a pretty mellow girl and is social with people and other dogs.
posted by How to Find a Puppy
Tia is a 2 year old Chihuahua mix. She is on the shy side and takes time to adjust to new places and people. She is afraid of men but her foster is working on that. She loves to cuddle up to watch tv with you or while you read a book. Her foster says that she is almost housetrained.