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posted by Lucky Cat Haven
Hershey is a beautiful black and white tuxedo kitten who is very comfortable with other cats.  Once he knows you, he is quite affectionate.
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
Hello!  My name is Trill.  I came into Lucky Cat Haven’s care with my sister Cookie.I was named Trill because I make a trilling sound when I greet you.  I am a 7-year-old long hair, orange tabby with some Persian and/or Maine Coon lineage.I enjoy being cuddled and brushed.  I’m not too fussy about treats.  I like people and have a full range of sounds; hence why my foster parents think I may have some Maine Coon in me.
posted by Dog Bless
For information on the adoption process or details on the status of this specific dog, please visit the Dog Bless Rescue website at 
posted by NACS
*Up for adoption in Nanaimo*  Adoptable Fizz is a 5-6 year old Chihuahua who is ready to find a new home. He has a special feature – only three legs. When he was young, his leg was badly broken and healed without treatment. By the time he was rescued, his leg could not be saved and had to be removed. He gets along great on three and the only effect it has now is that his walks need to be a little bit shorter as he tires easily.
posted by VACS
Meet Bailey a beautiful Shepherd/Collie Cross, she has been spayed and we believe she is approximately 5 years old. Bailey is a very timid girl when meeting new people and other animals, it does take her some time to warm up but once she is comfortable with you she is a cuddly 50lbs lap dog. Because of her nervousness towards others she will require lots of socialization, patience and training. She is house trained, walks quite well on leash and loves to play with her ball. 
posted by Cats Cradle
Mira is a very sweet girl lacking confidence.  She arrived very terrified, but has since found enough courage to enjoy some love.  Once you start petting her, she just can’t get enough, and will follow you around in the hope for more.  Still an occasional hiss when first approached, but that never lasts. Mira does well with other cats and dogs, but young children would not be recommended. For further information contact
posted by Cats Cradle
This handsome boy with the large head suits his name perfectly. He is very friendly and his favourite thing to do is to sleep on my bed, but at the end, so as not to bother me. He is a true gentleman. He follows me around like a dog and will come when called but he really doesn’t like dogs so he probably should go in a home without dogs (although I suspect that eventually he would realize that dogs, while inferior to him of course, are ok).
posted by PV SPCA
 Isn't she stunning! Daisy is a 2.5 year old Lab X Staffordshire Terrier mix who was rescued by our sister group in Mexico, and is now in foster care near Victoria BC. Daisy is a low-medium energy level dog, who gets along well with other large, calm dogs.
posted by Dog Bless
For information on the adoption process or details on the status of this specific dog, please visit the Dog Bless Rescue website at 
posted by BC Poodle and Small Dog
Introducing Maggie! She is an absolutely darling Chihuahua and loves everyone! She's heart-meltingly loving and affectionate, and loves nothing more than to be petted, cuddled and snuggled with her human(s). Maggie is about 4-5 yrs old.