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posted by Lucky Cat Haven
Greetings!  My name is Cyndi.  I am a diluted brown tabby with medium length hair.  I have a string fetish and enjoy treats! My ideal home would have at least one other cat, children older than 4 years of age, and no dogs.  Are you the right home for me? To meet Cyndi or to learn about Lucky Cat Haven's adoption process, please contact
posted by Rosier Days Dog Rescue
Danny is the puppy in the pack. He is estimated to be about 8 months old. Danny is a cuddle bug who loves to play with other dogs as well as his humans.
posted by CERA Dog Society
As a three-month-old puppy, Super and his two brothers were abandoned on a mountain area in Taiwan where a lot of golf courses are.  The strays are in imminent danger with many cars traveling in high speed through the winding roads.  One of Super’s sibling was bitten to death by a large aggressive stray.  Our rescuer took in the two remaining naïve puppies and provided a place for them to stay.  Super isn’t protective of food towards dogs and humans.  He has slight separation anxie
posted by CERA Dog Society
When Kino was a four-month-old puppy he was dumped in a graveyard site.  Living amongst a pack of strays, the large dogs try to chase him out when passerby stops to give the dogs some food.  Even though he was covered in ticks and fleas and starving, Kino was still excited to see people and asking for pets.  Kino can stay home alone but loves to chew so plenty of chew toys is a must.  He’s not protective of food/toys/space towards people and dogs.  He loves outdoor activities so su
posted by CERA Dog Society
Henry was a stray dog in Taiwan.  A good-hearted elderly woman fed him off the streets but she couldn’t take him in because she had a stroke and her mobility was limited.  Henry was bitten by other dogs and got hurt.  Even though the woman bought medication to treat the wound she knew that Henry would get hurt again – from traffic, hunt by the killing pound etc.
posted by CERA Dog Society
• Playful, curious and loyal.  • Smart having learned several tricks.
posted by CERA Dog Society
• She is very smart, can be stubborn with training but does catch on fast • Quite the princess & comes with a full wardrobe. • She loves attention but is not needy • She loves to perch herself on top of the sofa or on top of the sofa cushions.  • She could sit in your lap or be held all day but is not too demanding.  • She loves her cuddles and is sooooo darn cute. Has dreamy eyes.
posted by CERA Dog Society
Doris is a social butterfly who loves to be petted and cuddled.  She still retains some puppy behaviours like chewing, mouthing, and jumping up when excited.  She’s looking for a patient and active family who can provide proper chewing toys like a treats stuffed Kong, plenty of outdoor activities, continuous socialization, and housetraining.    
posted by CERA Dog Society
Dacho loves to be with people and is very good with kids.  She is fine with other dogs although a little shy and cautious initially.  She would want to run away and hide from high energy dogs or dogs who are in her face.  But she does warm up with them on her own terms when given time.  Dacho likes to chew and should be provided with toys and chewies for her chewing needs.  She likes linens and should be kept away from it when being left alone at home.
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
Jack Sparrow (aka Blackie) is 5 years old, short hair, black, cat who enjoys playing with string and laser points.  He is a lap cat who likes to be combed and petted.  Blackie is a serious treat monster who will do nearly anything for a treat.  If you are looking for an affectionate lap cat, Blackie is the cat for you.  To meet Blackie, please contact