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posted by VACS
Cody is a young, super intelligent and affectionate guy who is looking for a special cat loving family. Cody is highly sensitive and has had some negative experiences so far in life. Once Cody gets to know you and is comfortable in his surroundings, he is a very loving non-stop purring machine, but he will require an extended adjustment period and some extra kindness and understanding.
posted by VACS
Super handsome Finnegan is ready to find a new home! He is a shy guy at first but is very sweet natured and absolutely loves to be pet so it's easy to make friends and earn his trust. He is the type of cat who will probably hide for the first little while in his new home but with a little love and patience he will be a cuddly lap cat in no time.
posted by Cats Cradle
Betty has hyperthyroidism, which requires daily medication. She has been with Cat's Cradle for almost two years now, after having spent five years living in a shed. Betty is fine with other cats but she does not want to interact with people at all. For further information contact
posted by Cats Cradle
This lovely guy’s previous owner took him to the vet  to be euthanized because he is FIV positive.   CCAR came to his rescue and took him in.  FIV is not a death sentence; cats with FIV can live long, healthy lives.
posted by Cats Cradle
Duffy is a lovely handsome boy. Despite being 12 years old, he is very playful and curious. He loves cuddles and pats. Duffy would be better as the only cat in his new forever home as he likes to be the king which is reflected in his very regal manner. For further information contact
posted by Cats Cradle
Luna “Loony" Lovegood aka Lulu, aka Lulu Lemongrass, aka Sweet-Sweet, aka Stealth Ninja
posted by PV SPCA
Pork Chop is our resident peace maker.  He just loves everyone…all the puppies, the other dogs, all the humans and even cats he meets.  If Pork Chop encounters two other dogs scuffling he tries to resolve the situation by stepping up and licking them until they calm down.  He has tons of love and likes to spread it around.  Pork Chop is a Staffordshire Terrier mix, just 10 months old weighing a bit over 35 pounds currently. 
posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society
Meet Gracie. She is a sweet senior girl who is looking for a forever home where she can relax and be herself. She spent the first 11 years of her life living in a home with many other cats and she was always picked on. She enjoys hanging out with people when she can, but spent most of her years hiding under furniture to avoid getting beat up. Despite this, she is not shy, and will do best in a home with someone who is around most of the time to give her a lot of attention.
posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society
This handsome guy is Mardie. He is a real love bug who is looking for a home with someone who will worship him and let him be the center of attention. He definitely prefers attention on his own terms, but when he's in the mood he is very affectionate. He kneads, gives head butts, purrs up a storm, and loves belly rubs. He also really enjoys being brushed!
posted by Victoria Humane Society
Red is a 3 year old male, athletic with a happy temperament. Loves to be cuddled but will accompany you on a day hike no problem. Read more at…/red