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posted by CERA Dog Society
True to her name honey sugar in Mandarin, Mi Tang is sweet and social with strangers and dogs.  Mi Tang and her eight littermates came from the streets and the city killing pound seized them just few days after they were born.&nbsp
posted by CERA Dog Society
Hana is a quick learner who responds well to training.  She can be hesitant in unfamiliar situations but trusts her human’s lead.  Hana’s mother dog, a neglected pet without proper shelter, gave birth to a litter of fou
posted by CERA Dog Society
Skipper is a happy and energetic pup who’s always wagging his tail.  Although he gets scared easily he just clings on to the closest human.  As a fast learner, he’s eager to please and loves to be praised.
posted by CERA Dog Society
Ellesa is the more outgoing one amongst her siblings but she can still be easily frightened like when a stranger suddenly runs towards her.  She has a darling sweet innocent face that can be probably get away with doing most bad things like digging through trash a
posted by PV SPCA
The resiliency and forgiveness of dogs seems like a miracle sometimes.  Joey is one of those miracles.  
posted by VACS
We are still getting to know Antonio. So far he is only interested in one person. He may be the kind of cat that only wants one person to be his friend. He is amazingly cuddly and outgoing with one person and everyone else sees a very different side to him.
posted by Cowichan Cat Rescue
 Adoptable indoor-only, special needs cat: EVAN 
posted by Cats Cradle
Star is, unlike his brother Duke, still a bit shy, but is showing a lot affection. For further information contact
posted by Cats Cradle
Duke is a very laid back fellow, and quite affectionate. For further information contact
posted by Cats Cradle
Aubrey is an inquisitive young lady, who loves to be the center of attention. For further information contact