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posted by Cats Cradle
Note: This posting is a courtesy to a family which has encountered health problems and can no longer look after their cat. Please do not contact CCAR about Minka. You may contact the owners directly at the number listed below. Minka needs to find a new home. She is 4 years old, spayed and fully litter trained. Minka was adopted from the Vancouver SPCA at 6 weeks of age through the Anderson Vet Clinic on South Granville, from an abandoned litter.
posted by Cats Cradle
Celia is the best cat ever. Although I was told she was 15 months old, she acts more like a small kitten. She is very active, gentle and most playful. She amuses herself for hours, be it with a paper clip or a pencil (she sets up these ” challenges” thus inviting you to join her in play).   She loves to drink from the sink, is very well socialized, not shy and loves to be stroked.   She is very feminine (tiny).  If I was to have a cat, “Celia” would be it!
posted by Cats Cradle
Crush has the sweetest little round eyes. She is independent yet affectionate. She is the mother of the group. If one of the kittens does not bury their poop she jumps in and cleans up after them. Crush is a lovely girl and her well rounded nature would fit anyone’s home nicely! For further information contact
posted by PV SPCA
This little girl is just the sweetest.  Fiesta, a Terrier mix, is only five months old and weighs a bit over six and a half pounds. &nbsp
posted by PV SPCA
Sweet Paz is a 2 year old American Bull Terrier mix rescue dog, ready to become a beloved family member. She was rescued by our sister organization in Mexico, and is now in foster care in Nanaimo BC. This happy girl is very loving and obedient, she aims to please! Paz adores people and is good with other dogs, but she is not a big fan of cats.
posted by PV SPCA
Rocco is a super friendly, sociable Poodle mix.  He is just a year old and weighs 16.5 pounds. 
posted by PV SPCA
Rusty is a beautiful Terrier mix 2-3 years of age, weighing almost 31 pounds.  He prefers the company of female dogs or submissive males.  However he is not good with cats.  Rusty is pretty independent but does enjoy getting loving from his humans.  He has a medium energy level and is good on leash.  Rescued
posted by Su Casa Rescue
Luna is a tiny little girl who comes from California. She is very sweet and gets along with most dogs. She is a sweet little dainty chi looking for her forever person to climb up onto your lap and gets lots of love. If you think Luna may be your girl please email
posted by Su Casa Rescue
Trudy is a sweet 9 year old doxi x. She likes some other dogs and loves to be outside playing. She is a good walker on leash and all she wants is to be loved and cherished. She would do well as the only dog in the household who gets all of the love and devotion. If you would like more information on Trudy please email
posted by Su Casa Rescue
Henry is a 7 year old chi x who is just lovely. He gets along with other dogs and likes people. He comes from San Bernadino California and is looking to find that perfect home. If you would like more information on Henry please email