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posted by Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders
Dexter is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cats we have ever seen, but he is no pushover and he wants what he wants and he isn't shy to tell you he isn't happy about something.  He loves his quiet time and to sit and what the world go by.  He is very affectionate and loving, but it is on his terms.  He is Ragdoll and at almost 18 pounds, he can be quite daunting.  His perfect home has no animals and no kids.  but his humans should dote on him when he wants.
posted by VACS
Murphy has just moved into the adoption room and is spending all his time quietly checking everything out. He is fascinated by everything in the pound and we don't think he has done much exploring so far in his life. He was abandoned by his previous owners, who had kept him in a car, so now it's time for Murphy to enjoy a real home and loving family!
posted by Pacific Cat Clinic
Reese is an approximately 8 week old male rescue kitten. After being rescued and being brought to the clinic, Reese has become healthy and very friendly! He loves to snuggle up with his brother smarties, so a family with a feline friend for Reese may be perfect! After his rough start, Reese deserves a loving family to take him home fur-ever!  
posted by Dog Bless
For information regarding the adoption process or details about the status of this specific dog, please visit the Dog Bless Rescue Partners website at
posted by Victoria Adoptables
Meet Hunter and Crowley. Rescued from the NWT, these 9 t0 10 week old lab mixes are lively, playful bundles of energy that are always up to mischief. Although they didn't have a great start in life as strays on the street, and therefore have had little socialization, they are friendly and affectionate with people and get on well with other dogs and cats.
posted by Victoria Adoptables
Courtesy Post: My name is Atlas and I am a 5th generation Australian Labradoodle. I even have a certificate of being registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. I just turned 8 years old and have mellowed nicely. I love to be loved and I just love everyone. I grew up with noise and kids so vacuums don't bother me, nor umbrellas or 3 kids checking out my ears and tail!
posted by Dog Bless
For information about the adoption process or details on the status of this specific dog, please visit the Dog Bless Rescue Partners website at
posted by Victoria Adoptables
Milo is an energetic four year old who loves to be with his people.  He is extremely fast and loves to run, has a lot of stamina, but is also very happy curled up on the couch (especially under blankets).  He's an intelligent dog and a fast learner. Milo knows basic commands well, and listens to "leave it" very reliably, even with human food left out in his reach.
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
Young male kitten looking for a family who would like a playful, friendly, cuddly addition. At first I will be shy but once I get to know you, I will come out to greet you.  I like to play with the laser point and stringed toys.  I'm learning to get use to being brushed.  Please contact my foster parents at to set up a play date.  I look forward to meeting you!
posted by Victoria Humane Society
8 years old, sweet gentle and calm...Jemma loves people.Read more at: