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posted by VACS
Shylo is a lap dog he will jump up every chance he gets. He is sweet and likes his walks. He is about 5 years old and has just been neutered and had his teeth cleaned.
posted by NACS
Available for Adoption in NanaimoWebster is a fun loving and very energetic 10 pound Chihuahua mix who is approximately three years old. He is sweet and gentle when being pet and snuggled, but when you take him out for some fun in the yard, he zooms around at top speed and has an absolute blast. It's guaranteed this guy will make you laugh.
posted by VACS
Emilio is very loving. He is a favorite of us here at the pound.  
posted by VACS
Cathy was found in the bushes with a litter of kittens and was a great Mom. She has had to say goodbye to them as they all have now found homes. Cathy is patiently awaiting her turn to start a new life in a forever home. 
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
This beautiful kitten is Tennessee; he is approximately 14 weeks old.  Tennessee came into Lucky Cat Haven's care with his brothers Memphis and Elvis.Tennesse loves to play with laser point and stringed toys.Tennessee is still learning about humans so sudden movements does make him go hide.  Given time, Tennessee has the perfect personality to be a cuddler.Are you the right family for him?
posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society
Abu is a slender, outgoing kitten who loves to explore and play. He is, by far, the most social and energetic guy of the bunch. Abu loves to wrestle with his brothers & play fetch with his sister. He is always the first to greet people at the door and wants to be part of everything that's going on. Abu is curious by nature and incredibly sweet. He especially likes to be brushed with his zoom groom & snuggled to sleep.
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
Hello my name is Memphis.  I am approximately 14 weeks old and am looking for a family who loves to play with kittens.  I came into Lucky Cat Haven's care with my brothers Tennessee and Elvis.  If you enlarge the 2nd picture you can see my brothers and I hanging out together.
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
This handsome boy is Elvis.  Elvis is a short hair white kitten with gray patches and is approximately 14 weeks old.  Elvis came into Lucky Cat Haven's care with his brothers Memphis and Tennessee.
posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society
Iago is a handsome black kitten who came to us along with his siblings after being abandoned in an apartment at a young age. He is still coming out of his shell and is not so sure about new people or dogs. He loves play time with his siblings (he especially loves his sister Rajah) & running around with a catnip mouse in his mouth or paw. Iago also loves to play "kitty soccer" with his siblings.
posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society
This beautiful black & white kitten is Rajah. She is the only female kitten in her litter and has a much smaller frame than her brothers. Rajah is a very sweet girl, but is still a bit timid, especially in new environments, and around people she doesn't know. She likes to be gently brushed & enjoys playing "fetch" with her fabric mouse & various toys. She is quite active and keeps up with her brothers well.