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Don't Let Us Get Spooked!

Well, here we are…Halloween. The time when little ghosts and goblins come knocking at the door asking for treats. As dogs, we wish that would work for us too, we should have our own Halloween. Thing is we can actually do a trick for our treat!
I do want to give you a few tips on how your Halloween celebrations can make life a whole lot easier on us dogs. So, here goes…Ahem

It’s Not Such a Good Idea

The classifieds is a great way to get rid of unwanted items. Used baby things, furniture, cars, whatever you don’t want anymore, put an ad online & somebody will take it. If they don’t take it the first week, just lower the price. Keep lowering the price until eventually it’s free, just so that you can get rid of it.

Long-Term Senior Foster Homes Program for cats.

Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society

Registered Charity # 803913060 RR0001   778-426-2426


All rescued cats are spayed/neutered and had vet exam, shots, deworming, and flea treatment, and are deemed healthy at the time of foster or adoption.


You are the boss.

Just like the title says, you are the Boss of us. We rely on you to make good decisions to keep us safe and free from harm.  You make these decisions all the time. You keep us on a leash so we don’t run into traffic and you fence the yard so we can’t wander away & get lost.
Yet sometimes when it comes to other things you kinda drop the ball…like our medical care. I’ll give you a couple of good examples.

Fun Fall dog training classes.

Fall Training classes: As the summer holidays near their end, I have started gearing up for my fall classes. Please check out all of the available options. To register for any of the classes, click on the website link and fill out the form online.

New Dog Walking Service in town.   Check it out!



Dogs in cars.

Do you think only "A couple of minutes" is ok for your pet to be in the car? Watch as this Veterinarian demonstrates how quickly the temperature rises in a parked car, even with the windows cracked open. And remember, he's not wearing a fur coat like your pet is.

When All Natural Can Be All Wrong


So, Miss Muppet was sick recently; quite sick. For two days she had diarrhea, was off her food and had no energy. I took her to the vet along with a stool sample and sure enough there were two different types of “wigglers” in there.

One, her Dr had seen before, the other he had not. He gave her meds and sent her home and soon enough she was back to her normal, silly self.

'Tis The Season

Not that season! Flea and tick season. The more people I talk to about this the more surprised I am how few people use preventative measures; or worse, understand what prevention is all about.

When talking to potential adopters I always tell them what sort of flea prevention the dog has had, when they had it & when they are due for another treatment.

Without fail, 9 out of 10 times they will say “Why? Does he have fleas?” Whether or not a dog has fleas is irrelevant when it comes to prevention. The trick lies in stopping them from getting fleas in the first place.