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Posted: July 7, 2017

Adoption open

Name: Lemon
Rescue: Victoria Adoptables
Gender: Female
domestic short hair
Age: 5 Years old
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption status: Open
Adoption fee:

About Lemon...

Courtesy Post: This is Lemon. She is a beautiful 5 year old spayed female. She is litter box trained but prefers to go outside. She is a good hunter and not finicky eater. Lemon loves to sleep on your bed, enjoys quiet surroundings and regular scratches to ear/neck area. She prefers to be an only child and really, more of a princess. She does not like: ~ to be picked up but will tolerate if done gently and not with tummy area involved. She had an umbilical hernia at birth and while this does not pose any medical or health issues, she does not like to be touched in this area. Well, neither do I, so I get it. ~ to be pet past shoulder area. Pat her back near her tail and you will get a swat. Take that! ~ other pets. Insecurity issues I would guess. ~ noisy/busy surroundings. She likes her zen. She is a loving cat and will follow you around the yard, which to me, is more like a dog…not sure where she picked that up. She does however, have moments of ‘insanity’ where she will take out her frustration on you. Example: If she is asking to go outside (leading you with meow’s to the door) and you open the door for her and it’s raining outside, you will hear her complain and if you’re very close to her, she might swat at you. You should not have made it rain, silly human. Lemon also likes to have an occasional nibble on your hand while you pet/scratch her head. She does this while purring often, so I don’t even get it. ?? Maybe it’s a ‘happy cat thing’. She may need a booster for her vaccines but we will take care of that if need be. Interested in adopting Lemon? For more info please contact Shelley at 250 480-9564

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