Posted: October 19, 2017

Adoption open

Name: Hershi
Rescue: VACS
Gender: Female
Age: 7 Years old
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption status: Open
Adoption fee:

About Hershi...

Hershi is improving daily so we have updated her adoption information! Hershi is looking for a special home with an experienced dog savvy person that has a gentle yet firm approach to dogs. Hershi has shown to us that she is very eager to please and is very fun to be around. She thoroughly enjoys being praised and reacts with pure happiness. Hershi is very attentive to people and a will respond immediately and stop to a simple but firm “no” if her behavior is unwanted and will respond with excitement to a simple "good girl" when she does well. She also loves treats and will happily show off her basic commands. Hershi sadly suffers from separation anxiety and is cautious around new people, but in the three weeks she has been here she has shown great improvement! She has done really well with introductions when she has someone familiar there with her and feels comfortable in her surroundings. When Hershi first came to us she barked and whined constantly when she was in her kennel, but recently she has stopped doing this almost completely, and will now go in without a fight when playtime is over (most of the time.. she really loves being with her people)! For her new family trust building exercises will be a must, but she does warm up very quickly with bribes and calm pets. Hershi does very well after slow gentle introductions to new people, dogs, places, and even cats! If things move too quickly for her comfort and trust level she will let you know.. that being said, since Hershi has gotten here we have gone from only being able to pet her head, to giving her belly rubs and eye medication! Initially she is quite clear about her boundaries but as she learns you are trustworthy she seems to forget she ever had any. Hershi does not enjoy car rides or to be alone and will initially require kenneling when you are not at home as she may chew things to ease her anxiety. Hershi is the kind of rescue dog that will require a bit more work and change in lifestyle to meet her needs but when you see her big happy smile it will make it all worthwhile. She would do really well in a home with people with a calm, consistent lifestyle and no children. She would most likely be fine with another dog and cat, so long as they are not too hyper. Age - 7 years Spayed Female For adoption information please see our website at

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