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Posted: August 11, 2017

Adoption open

Parker is an animal in need! Please consider making a donation to Loved at last Dog Rescue to help cover the expenses incurred by medical treatment for Parker. Donate now!

Name: Parker
Rescue: Loved at last Dog Rescue
Gender: Male
Shepherd (Unknown Type), Golde...
Age: 2 Years old
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption status: Open
Adoption fee:

About Parker...

Hi everyone, my name is Parker. I am a 1 1/2 year old year male Persian shepherd mix who has had a lot of misfortune in my short life. I was found as a stray a year ago in the streets of Tehran with my ears cut off and both my front legs badly deformed from rickets. The picture of me lying down shows what my legs looked like when I was rescued. They were so curved that I had difficulty walking. So my legs were broken in order to straighten them. The pictures of me sitting were taken after I recovered at the shelter where I have been living in for the past year. I can walk much better now and even run though not as well or as fast as other dogs. As if that wasn't enough, my eyes became infected following my surgery which destroyed both my lenses. I am completely blind now and my eyes have become swollen from glaucoma. They need to be removed and Loved At Last is currently fundraising for the operation. That is still not the end of my physical problems though, as hard to believe as that is, I have severe hip dysplasia in one hip, no doubt related to my past bout with rickets, and will need surgery to replace it. LAL is also fundraising for the hip surgery as well. If I were an old dog getting close to my expiry date these surgeries might not be considered. But I am a young pup with many years of life ahead of me and LAL wants those years to be pain free. When I come to my new home, I will be almost as good as new (well except for being blind of course but like most blind dogs my nose tells me most of what I need to know about my surroundings) At the shelter in Tehran where I was living with my best friend Jesse (her bio is just below mine) I got along great with other dogs and people. But Jesse and I are now in a foster home in the Vancouver area, the first home we have ever lived in, the first kindness we have ever been shown, the first joy we have ever experienced and the first love we have ever known. So we are protective of that and don't want to share it with other dogs, at least not yet. Probably because I am blind I am a bit nervous meeting new people, especially men. But once I trust you won't hurt me I am fine. Jesse knows I am blind - she is my seeing eye dog - and she is protective of me around other dogs who she worries might hurt me. So we need a home without other dogs. It isn't known how I or Jesse would be around cats. I am neutered, microchipped and up to date on my vaccinations. Our donation fee is by donation. Loved At Last is fundraising for us to get our blind eyes removed and my bad hip replaced. If you can't adopt us then perhaps you might consider donating to our medical costs. You can do so be e-transferring your donation to with the security question being "Who is Jesse's best friend?" and an answer of "Parker" so they know what you want the money used for. Talia V is our very generous and compassionate sponsor. Thanks so much for caring about us Talia.

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