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Shepherd x
Adult (approx. 2 - 5)
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Available for Adoption in Nanaimo: Lexi is as sweet as she is beautiful. She is a young adult (2 - 5yrs) who came to us suffering from pyometra, which required emergency surgery. Not only was she sick, but she was skin and bones. Lexi has recovered well from her surgery, and is now ready to find a family of her own who will teach her what it means to live a happy and comfortable life while helping her get to a healthy weight. She is a mixed breed who is smaller than an average German Shepherd.

This girl loves people and is a social butterfly. She is friendly with strangers and will be leaning on your leg asking for pets as soon as you meet her. Hunger has clearly been an issue for her for a long time and although she is not food aggressive, she is not gentle when taking treats. For this reason a home without small children will be ideal. Her food motivation and intelligence makes her very easy to train. She knows her basics and is house trained but would love to do more obedience with her new family. She enjoys walks and is happy to curl up quietly near you when it’s time to rest. Lexi loves her dog house and would be an easy candidate for crate training.

Lexi will require dog socialization as right now she is rude and excitable when it comes to meeting new dogs. She responds well to corrections, but the behavior needs to be managed and worked on by someone who is experienced with dogs. She also has a high prey drive and loves to track squirrels and mice when out on walks. She will need to be kept on leash and is looking for a home without cats or other small animals.

Lexi’s adoption fee is $255 and she is spayed, tattooed, microchipped, and comes with a voucher for a free vet visit. If you are interested in meeting Lexi, visit her at the pound at 1260 Nanaimo Lakes Rd. Mon – Fri from 10 – 4 or Sat from 10 – 3.

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